Services Not Included

Why are there services that are not included in the Atlantic Shared Beginnings Program fee?

Most new recipients entering the ASB programs have already completed one or more recent fertility cycles at other clinics. For these patients, most of the services not covered by the fees have already been completed and will not have to be repeated. For other recipients, these services can be covered under their insurance which would not be possible if they were a part of the package pricing. Because it is our mission to provide the most affordable options possible, we have separated these services from the program package costs to help patients save money and avoid double charging patient who have already completed these tests. If you have questions about not covered services, these questions can be discussed during your phone consultation with the program director which is free of charge.

Required services that are not included in the ASB program fee:

New Patient Appointment

The new patient appointment establishes care with one of our physicians and is a requirement before entering any ASB program. This fee can be billed to insurance and is not included in the ASB program fee.

Saline Ultrasound

The saline contrast ultrasound is a requirement to determine program eligibility.

The Saline ultrasound must be performed at our clinic and can be billed to insurance and are not included in the program fees.

Blood Labs

Blood tests are required for both the female who will receive the embryo transfer as well as her sexually intimate partner and the sperm source. Many patients have already had these tests performed with recent treatment and most are covered by insurance. These tests are required and are not included in the program fee.

Sexually intimate partner required tests:

  • HIV I/II
  • Hep B surface antigen
  • Hep B Core
  • Hep C antibody
  • RPR/Syphilis

Psychological appointment

Recipients are required to meet with an ASRM approved mental health professional regarding third party reproduction. This visit must be completed in the state in which the recipient resides and can be individual or group class structure. A clearance form will be provided. Recipients may select the professional and structure of their choice within ASRM guidelines. This appointment is not covered under ASB program fees.

Genetic Carrier Screening

Genetic carrier screening for the egg and sperm donors are covered in the program fee, however if the patient is using partner sperm or private donor, the male genetic carrier screening costs are the responsibility of the patient and is not a covered expense. Many male patients already have genetic screening results and will not have to repeat them unless his screening tests are different than that of the donor.

Semen Analysis

For patients using partner or private donor sperm, a recent semen analysis is required to determine program eligibility. If the patient has not recent report, or if their report is older than 6-months old, they will be required to have another test performed. Abnormal semen analysis reports from other clinics must be repeated at ASB to determine eligibility. This is a test that can be billed to insurance and is not included in ASB program fees.

Semen Cryopreservation/ Semen thawing

Patients are not required to cryopreserve semen. Many patients who are not local prefer to have semen cryopreserved for convenience and it is recommended for patients further than 2 hours drive. Semen cryopreservation, storage, and thaw are not included in the ASB program fees.


All donor medications are included in the ASB program fees. Recipient medications for FET cycles as well as other required individual medications for both male and female recipients are the responsibility of the patient and are not covered under the program fee.

ERA Testing

ERA testing is not required for all patients. This is an elective test prior to the first embryo transfer and required after one failed embryo transfer for 3-transfer guarantee and the Donor/Donor embryo program participants. The ERA is not covered under the program fees.

Mock Transfer Cycles

Mock transfer cycles are not required for most recipients. If a mock transfer cycle is indicated it will be the financial responsibility of the patient and is not covered under the ASB program fees.

Embryo Storage

For patients entering the 3-transfer guarantee program with partner sperm or the 6 fresh-egg cohort guarantee program, embryo storage fees will apply if there are embryos cryopreserved after their program completion. Embryo storage fees are billed annually and are not covered under the program fees.

PGT (Preimplantation Genetic Testing)

Embryo testing is available with the 6 fresh-egg cohort program but is not required. Patients who elect to include embryo biopsy and testing in their cycle will be charges separately for these services. Embryo biopsy and testing is not included in the ASB program fee.