Do I get to see photos of the donors?
Yes, childhood photos are available to recipients who are accepted into the program as well as other information about the donor’s health and personality.

Can I use my husband’s/partner sperm?
Absolutely! We understand the importance of genetic ties and have tailored this program to support patient preferences. Patients may elect chosen donor, partner, or husband’s sperm.

Can I use my own egg donor?
No. Egg donors are anonymous in the Shared Beginnings program so your own egg donor cannot be used. We do offer a traditional donor program at our clinic that would be better suited for private donors.

Can I use the same egg donor for all my transfers?
Many times, this may be possible. Because eggs are not reserved in the program, this is only possible if there are eggs available from your previous donor for the subsequent transfer. We will always try to accommodate these requests but cannot guarantee them.

What if I get pregnant on my first transfer and have remaining embryos?
Although the program is structured to avoid creating more embryos than are intended to transfer, you may have more than one embryo frozen. If you achieve pregnancy with the transfer of the first thawed embryo, this additional frozen embryo is yours. You may store the embryo(s) for future pregnancy attempts. You will have graduated from the Shared Beginnings program and would be completing a traditional Frozen Embryo Transfer cycle in the future which costs around $4,500. This is one of the many perks of the Shared Beginnings Donor Egg Program Program.

What if my eggs do not fertilize?
The Shared Beginnings program guarantees three transfers. If your eggs do not fertilize, we will attempt fertilization again with another subset of eggs. Failed fertilization does not count as one of your transfers.

I would like to do genetic testing on my embryo(s), it this an option?
Yes. Genetic testing is an option in the Shared Beginnings 6-Fresh Donor Egg Program. This option can be discussed with the program director or your physician at your initial appointment. Fees associated with genetic testing for embryos in this program are additional. Genetic testing is not an option in the 3-Transfer Guarantee Program or the Donor/Donor Embryo Program at this time due to the minimal number of eggs fertilized at one time.

Can I buy more eggs from my donor if I get pregnant for future use?
Yes. If additional eggs are available from your donor, cohorts of 6-8 vitrified eggs can be purchased for $14,000 after program graduation. This option is not part of the Shared Beginnings program and successful transfer is not guaranteed. This option can be discussed further with the program director or your physician at your initial appointment.

I do not live in North Carolina; can I still participate in this program?
Many of our patients travel to participate in the Shared Beginnings Program. Although travel expenses are not included in the program price, the affordability of the program makes travel a possibility for most patients. Many steps of the program can be completed away from the clinic. You will however have to travel to the clinic for some appointments. Click here for nearby hotel options.

Can I transfer more than one embryo?
Single blastocyst transfer is recommended. The physicians will discuss the best options for a healthy pregnancy with each patient.